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How to Disable Internet Option Menu In Internet Explorer

To Disable Internet Option Menu In internet Explorer follow the below simple stops, First Login your Windows through Administrator Account, Then open run by pressing Windows and R key and type “gpedit.msc” in then Press Enter, then go to below, Local Computer Policy–>User Configuration–>Windows Components–>Internet Explorer–>Browser Option In Browser Option Select ‘Tools Menu:Disable Internet Options…menu […]

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New Note Feature of Google

Google has recently launch a new feature Googe Keep, Keep is an application that use like portable note , Whenever we are surfing internet and if any we are like to save ¬†article or any line then it is very wrost frist copy and paste in to local pc and then transfer to our device […]

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How to Stop Background application on Windows 10

Today we are using Windows 10 and it have some issue like whenever we are connecting to internet then the speed of the internet is very low ,   To Prevent this issue we have previously provide the Windows update solution,As below link ” Click here to view How to Stop Windows update in Windows […]


How to share any folder on a private network

Whenever you are using private network and you do not have access to transfer file from pen drive then it is difficult to share file from one pc to anther pc,   To overcome this many of people using External storage and it is very costly , So the simple way to share the file […]


Windows cannot connect to the printer

Whenever We are ¬†try to connect Shared printer on our private network it some time not connect and it give some error as below, And We are not able to connect and we are going to restart pc and then try to connect it , So to overcome this issue follow the simple steps , […]


How To Reuse Trial Version application on Windows PCS

To Day so many company are using trial version marketing, if we are want to check the application then first we have to use trial version application for 3 day ,5 day after 3 or 5 day the application automatic stop on your pc, So if you are reinstall the same application trial version then […]