Daily bugs IT AND COMPUTER Simple hacking Windows Editor

How to show Hidden file and folders in Windows

To show Hidden file and folders in windows follow the below steps, First click on start button in windows and type Folder Option, then click on it. After clicked on folder option it look like below image, After It go to View tab and the you see as per below image select “Show hidden files, folders, […]

Daily bugs IT AND COMPUTER Simple hacking Windows Editor

How to Disable Power button in windows

To Disable power button action on windows follow the below simple steps,   Frist open control panel in windows, And  go to the Control Panel\System and Security\Power Options,   Then click on change plan setting.   it’s look like as below, After that click on Change advanced power servings,     Then collapse go to […]

Daily bugs Simple hacking Windows Editor


First Open Registry Editor by typing regedit command on run. Then Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE–>SOFTWARE–>Microsoft–>Windows–>Current Version–>Policies–>Explorer Then Right click on it and add new DWORD (32-bit) Value and give name is NoViewContextMenu and give value 1 and then press ok,   Then simply restart your pc your right click are disabled , if want to Enable right […]

Simple hacking Windows Editor

How to Change Target of Windows explorer from Taskbar

First open the all Program button by click on star button, Than write down “windows Explorer” in search button, After write you see the image below.   Right click on Windows Explorer Then click on properties After click in properties you see the image as below. Now you see the target text box. For change as […]

Simple hacking Windows Editor

How to create Message box on Notepad

First open a notepad file, and enter below text on notepad.  x=msgbox(“Message text “,1,” Message title “) After Paste code you have to save Notepad file to .vbs extension. as below images Below output images of Above code Let’s see all code in briefs, 01.x=msgboxis the HTML code do not change it, 02.“Message text” is […]