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Miracle of Though

Here 12 Most Effective Miracle of Though .   1.Never stand with man that is Hopeless, 2.If someone ask for your health always say that it is better then before, 3.Whenever you drink Drink Water make it feel like Drink Apple juice. 4.Never Remind your past achievement. 5.If some one Gossiping then do not tell him/her that it is […]

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Meaning of our National Anthem

Meaning of our National Anthem ✨✨ 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 🇮🇳 Please try to understand the meaning and pronounce it clearly. Word by word meaning.. 🎵Jana            = People 🎵Gana            = Group 🎵Mana           = Mind 🎵Adhinayaka= Leader 🎵Jaya He      = Victory 🎵Bharata       = India 🎵Bhagya       = Destiny 🎵Vidhata      = Disposer 🎵Punjaba     = Punjab 🎵Sindhu       = Indus 🎵Gujarata    = Gujarat […]