Find My Mobile ON SAMSUNG

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If you are using SAMSUNG Android device then you may not know about some feature,


Samsung have Own Find My Mobile feature ,

If you have the Samsung Android device then enable the Find My Mobile,

Turn on your Internet connection on your Android Device

To activate it go to below,

Setting–>Lock Screen and Security–.>Find My Mobile


Then enter the mail id and password and enable Remote Controls and Google location Services and if you have to enable Sim Change alert then enable it,


If you want to check the Find My Mobile is working or not then click on below link and enter the id password that you have enter on your android device when Enable the Find My Mobile,

Click here to Open Find My Mobile

Then if you are login in this you see the actual your device location and then if you want to ring your device then click on RING MY DEVICE , you can lock your device and you can wipe your data from your mobile by clicking on Wipe My device,


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