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Some Feature About Task Manager in Windows

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We all are using Windows and we are not using all feature of Task Manger,

Here we are showing some interesting feature of Task Manger,


The first Feature of Task manger is,if any program is hanged and it is not close to click on close button then you have to kill task through Task Manager ,

if any program is got No Responding position then open Task Manager and then select the program that is not responding and click on End Task it is closed ,


Even it is not closed after click on end task then just select the Not responding program in task manger and Right click on It and Click on Go To Details,it Display process that is running for not responding program just select it and click on End process button it definitely closed ,


The Second Feature is if You are installing A program and it take so much time then not to worry task manger have feature that it take priority to run your program ,

To use this feature if you are installing some application and it take more time then open task manger and then select the application that you have to install and right click on it and Go To details it Display the process that is run for install your program just right click on process and select Set Priority and set as real time now your process is running on Priority basis,


The third feature is if you have admin rights of a computer then you have to logoff any user without him password,

To use this feature open task manager and Go to  users tab select a account that you have to logoff and then click on Logoff button the select user account is logoff ,


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