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The Operation requires Elevation in windows 10

Whenever you are using Windows 10 and you are try to install and at that time to open software it seem error as below the follow the below simple steps to resolve it, Do not go to the excat error snap because the error snaps are different on all desktop, So resolve this error first […]

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How to find lost file in Windows

How to find lost file in Windows So many times we are lost file in our computer and it is very hard to find it, So windows have feature that you have to find specified file by category. If you have lost picture file in C drive then open the C drive and type kind:Picture […]

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How to Remove Printer driver from pc

In some case we are try to uninstall printer driver from pc and it is not done after the uninstall the printer package, In this case we are unable to uninstall the driver , so overcome this issue we are remove printer driver from Printer Management as below, First login in to Windows through Administrative […]