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Top five risk That you have to insure about your android device

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Today We all are using smart phone and we are also download application from play store or others,

but the hacker are using some application to hack your mobile so be insure for application that you have to install,

So below 5 point that never change on your android device,

1.Do not change Default Messaging application,

Do not change the Default Messaging application in your Android device because If You have using online translation and our bank send OTP on your device and if your default messaging application is changed then it never notify the message. so do not change the default application.

2. Do not connect open WIFI connection On public places

Today All public places have free WIFI facility But most of hackers have create WIFI zone of same name and then if you connect hackers WIFI then ,hacker can copy all data on your android device so do not connect Open WIFI zone ,

3.Never Stand your Mobile devices on front of Speakers or landline phones,

Do not put your smart phone in front of speakers because it effect on you speacker voice quality and do not put near landline phones because it disturb to talk,

4.Do not use Third party application

Do not install third party application that is not avaliable on play store because hackers have use this type of application to use your data,

5.Do not save password on your note on Android device.

Do not save password on note on Android device because if your mobile lost then another people can use your personal detail through password.

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