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Factors To Be Considered For On Page SEO

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On Page SEO is the Essential and key part of white hat SEO Optimization.

Basically On Page SEO can be done in technically and non-technically both way.

If you want you business to be successful you have to manage all the stuff related to your work and online presence before you start promoting it.

In order to look good for both, for your users and for search engines you need to do on page SEO for your website and your web application should be mobile device friendly.

You obviously can just start building hundreds of links and start advertising your site via PPC but guess what will be result if your site speed is too slow and overall look is just unpleasant.

Let’s discuss about main on-page parameters and techniques in order to comprehend better.

1. On-Site Optimization

It is the foundation of SEO of your website. On-Site Optimization is the key factor for your site optimization.

On site Optimization is the key factor that deals with almost everything of your website like any kind of manipulation. It is 25% SEO of your complete site.

It is where you are going to build your keywords. We build website for people that should cater to people – people’s demand. On site Optimization is to meeting all specification to make site search engine friendly.

There are lot of tools available in market which can help you to achieve on site optimization.

on site optimization

That’s the overview of On-site Optimization.

site optimization 2

2. Mobile Friendliness

Another Main Factor Mobile Friendliness which is more important on SEO point of view.

In these smart era every one having a gadget in their hand which is very smart and people’s are using it as a one stop tool for everything.

People’s are using these devices to know time, purchase groceries, purchase goods, booking cab, money transfer, calling to their loved ones, access social media and whenever they require they use to surf for most of website on mobile devices.

So, If your Website or Web Application is more mobile friendly and easy to access from mobile device like smartphone’s & Tablets then you can easily build trust with your user.

If you build a high level of trust with your user then people will prefer to access your application to read the information or to purchase anything.

Just make comfortable platform so that people can easily do their task on your application.

mobile friendly website

3. User Experience

User Experience is a factor related to the most important and considerable impact on search engine optimization.

If your user is facing to find your content or your content is not much user friendly then you will definitely lose you visitor for next time.

On the other hand if your user find the best tour of your website and enjoying reading website context, images, graphics, and embedded videos then the chances are high to make user come back to your site and and also user will definitely subscribe your newsletter.

user experience in SEO

4. Search Accessibility

Website Search engine accessibility is a major boost for any of the website search SEO efforts.

Most of website does not address the need of users for what they are searching for.

Due to this reason website may loose the ranking in search engines.

So If you don’t want to loose the ranking in search engine then continuously improve your website search accessibility.

5. Content

All our SEO is depended on content and its quality.

It means writing a contents in such a manner that it begins to rank higher for related keyword searches in search engines.

Content should be optimized for search engines as well as humans.

Merely pushing content doesn’t have an excellent impact on your SEO, it’sthe foremostvitalside of your ranking strategy

In order to write excellent contents you need to follow certain steps below.

  1. Keyword must appear in you title.
  2. Main Phrases must scattered in your throughout contents.
  3. Also use alternative phrases.
  4. Use <h1><h2><h3 > in proper way so that it will improve redability of your contents.

6. Social Media

Social media activities can boost your ranking and website organic traffic through search engines.

Its a way that never gets old. But social media is not a factor on superficial level.

If you look deeper, it does have positive affect on page’s ranking.

The links that you share on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest may help your brand get more exposure, but they aren’t seen by Google as a ranking signal.

Most important thing is social media don’t directly help rank better.

6. Link profile

Profile linking is an SEO technique used by Professional to gain easy backlinks.

If you have profile on several platforms like directories, forums, news articles, press releases, social, etc. Then you can easily get back links for you website and increase people engagement.

7. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a core SEO task which is part of on page SEO.

In keyword research you can find the most popular words related to your topic.

which will help you to achieve high traffic to your website.

A Popular phrase is most important part of SEO to rank you content in search engine tools.

How to make website SEO Optimization Audit report

8. Speed

To rank your website on search engines like google you must follow their guideline.

According to google’s guideline if you want to rank your website in google search engine then your website speed must be good enough to fullfill their guideline.

Google has indicated site speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages.

Check your site speed on GTMETRIX to analyse your site speed factors.

If you are using wordpress site and wanted to improve site speed then read this article.

3 Best ways to speed up WordPress Website

9. Local Optimization

Local Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is also a incredible way of On page SEO.

Local SEO is an incredible effective way to market your local business online.

This is also a hot topic on for google these days.

We are looking things physically near ! So this technique will help you to rank your page in local searching.

local business SEO

Some techniques you can consider in order to accomplish local optimization in which clearly mention who you are, where you are located and what you do!!!

  • Claim Your Google My Business Page
  • Optimize your home page
  • Optimize your mata data
  • Create Pages for Every Products or services
  • Use Service Schema
  • Update Google Sitemap
  • Add Your business to local Directories
  • Setup Social Media Pages

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