3 Best ways to speed up WordPress Website

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Speedup WordPress Website using my 11 following techniques!!!

These days everyone who has a website whether it is blog site or business or e-commerce site everyone wants to rank higher. To achieve higher rank on search engine you need to speed up you WordPress website.

They wants to top of the search on every search engine. This will lead to generate revenue from that site.

Everyone knows that If you are higher on the search results you can influence more traffic and if you have more traffic then you can make reach more number of customers.

But here the question you can rank higher in search engine’s search result?

The answer is :

There are many factors for SEO point of view you need to improve in your site.

But one of the main factor we are going to discuss here is “Website Speed”.

When you don’t speed up your website

  1. Bad User Experience
  2. Poor Search Ranking
  3. Zero Traffic

So having fast website is really important. Now I am here showing you the best 11 ways to speedup you wordpress website.

First of all To check you current website speed goto the website link give below.

Pingdom Website Speed Test After clicking link you can see the page like below.


In this enter the Url Of your website and select the region and start test. After finishing test it will show you the result. like image below


Now Let’s start for the method to speed up your WordPress website

Method #1 : Reduce the image size

As i have see lot of people when they write a blog or uploading image to website for any purpose the directly upload the image with its real size in media.

Its increases the size of the website and also loading time of the website too.

Its all your choice to upload image with your choice of size and quality. But in order to optimize your image without loosing quality of that image will definitely improve the speed of website.

Everyone just download image or edit image using image editing tools like Photoshop. Before uploading that image to your website make sure image is optimized.

To check image size right click –> properties of image

There you can see the image size of that image.

Here I am going to show you the way to optimize image using free tool.


This is a Photo Editing tools which is free of cost use. fotor.com

Using edit photo tool from this site you can create an optimized image and in specific size. and then Upload it to your Website.

Now When you are done with all your images uploaded on website. You can recheck your website speed using Pingdom Website Speed Test . I am very much you will have a better result what you are expecting.

Method #2 :Install and Configure Plugin called WP Fastest Cache

This Plugin will enhance performance of your website. Here i am going to show you the process to configure this plugins.

Install the plugin from Plugin –> Add New –> wp fastest cache (Type in search box) –> Install it –> Activate It

Now coming to the point of its configuration see the screen shot i have shared with you according to this screen shot you can configure yours.

Step #1


Once Installation and activation done click on WP FASTEST CACHE and tick the check box as per given screen shot and click on submit.

step #2


If you have purchased this plugin then you will have the another valuable features like delete cache. to do this goto Delete tab and select “Delete Cache and Minify cs/js”

Basically done with this plugin setting settings. Now check again your website site speed which gonna little bit more faster.

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Method #3 : Update the PHP Latest Version of the your WordPress Website

The version of PHP is also have import role in order to fasten your website on search engine.

Now to update the PHP version of your website to speed up wordpress website.

Go to CPanel of your website, as per screen shot find out PHP Selector in that page.


Now select the PHP vertion for the website. It should be minimum 7.0


Some time it shows the php version like 5.5, another version make sure it should be at-least 7.0 and click Submit.

When this settings done your website response will improves and the speed of the website will also improve.

Some Tips :-

  • If you have lots of plugins then you should reduce plugins which are not in use or whichever can be eliminated.
  • Make sure your website should be clean as much possible.

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