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Create Undeletable folder & Protect folders and files from being deleted

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Storing images and files on your business computer or personal computer are valuable task of your computer system. If someone or you accidentally deletes your file from your system then you may me suffer.This could be done by your friend, colleague, relatives, children’s, or anyone.But do you know that you can prevent your file from this kind of deletion.

if you do not want to lock your folder or files rather you want create a folder which can be accessible by other users and no user except you can alter or modify these folder (i.e. delete or rename) then you have to adopt some other technique because this type of facility is not provided by any type of folder locking software. Which basically means that you want to create undeletable folders.

You just need to do one change in setting into your computer, so that no one can delete your folder. This kind of folder called undeletable folder.
In this folder you can save your all important files.

You just need to follow following 4 steps to create undeletable folder.

Step 1 :-

First of all you need to press CTRL+R , of your laptop or desktop system.



Step 2 :-

Now you can see a dialogue box appears, now type cmd in it and press OK.


Step 3 :-

Now type the drive name in which your want to create folder as per give image and example.
i.e. e: d: c:


Step 4 :-

Now Type “md aux\” or “md lpt1\” or “md con\” “md lpt2\”and press enter.



here md is command ” make directory ” and aux is folder name.

Now you can see that your undeletable folder is created into your system.

To Remove  or Delete That File

Now If you want to delete that folder then you have to do same process till step 3 and in step 4 you just need to type “rd aux\” and press enter button.



Now you can see folder created by you is gone.

Here i am going to explain why you can not create the con folder in windows.

Hope this article helps you. Feel free to ask anything in the comment section.

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