how to do digital marketing

How to do digital marketing course | best way to learn about it

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Hello, my dear friends, most welcome. Today we will discuss how to do digital marketing course. so, first of all, we will know about why digital marketing is very important for every person who wants to start his new business or want a job.

how to do digital marketing

Today we discuss every important term of digital marketing. So If you want to learn digital marketing course without any help then read this post completely. We have tried to solve all your query about digital marketing.

How to do digital marketing course easily

At this time digital marketing is the best way to grow your business online. Because in present time every businessman wants to make his online presence.

So if you want to make your online presence then digital marketing is very important for you.

Now I discuss step by step process to learn digital marketing course easily. so without any wasting of time – we get started…

Definition of digital marketing

Digital marketing is the way of marketing in which we promote our product or services on the right people using an online platform like facebook, google, youtube etc.

Difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing

Traditional marketing-  

In twenty years ago, most of the people advertise his business using banner and poster, newspaper, Radio, Television, etc At that time we cannot find how many people seen our ads.

we can not target our audience. service of advertising is very costly on that platform.

Digital marketing  

Digital marketing is totally different from traditional marketing. In modern time Requirement of digital marketing platform are increasing day by day.

According to digital marketing, we advertise our product and services using youtube, facebook, twitter, Linkedin, and other social media platforms.

When we use digital marketing to promote our business, we can track the people who is interested to our product or services to purchase it.

Pillars of digital marketing

There are four pillars of digital marketing which is described below

1.SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

2.SMO (Social media optimization)

3.SEM (Search Engine Marketing )

4.SMM(Social media marketing )

Now we discuss all the topics one by one.

What SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the techniques which use to rank our website or blog on organic search result when a user enters the keywords on a search engine like, Google, being, Yahoo.

there are three types of SEO tactic which is given below

  1. White hat SEO
  2. Black hat SEO
  3.  Green hat SEO

It is not possible to mention everything in this post so we discuss it into the later post.

SMO (Social media optimization)

Social media Optimization is a very important part of digital marketing. If you want to come in the field of digital marketing it is very necessary that you increase your social media presence.

When we post our product or services on social media relevant to your business then your audience interacts with you to know about your product or services.

Clearly, we can say that when we make our social media presence to show our product or services to a relevant audience, we optimised our social media page and post this is called social media optimization (SMO).

Social media optimization is different from social media marketing, we discussed it later.

for optimised our page using given social media platform

  1. Facebook page
  2. Instagram business account
  3. Google business page
  4. Twitter
  5. Linkedin Page
  6. Youtube Video

We can use this platform for social media Optimization. We Discuss it later.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing )

Search Engine Marketing is the most of the part of digital marketing. There is some difference between SEO and SEM. First of all, we will know that when a person works on SEM.

Definition of SEM

SEM is the Process When we want to rank our website using particular keywords to spend some money.

When we target particular keywords using paid search engine networks then our keywords rank first when user type that keywords on a search engine like google, yahoo, being.

Exp. some of the advertising networks is that google adwords,  mediadotnet, wordsads. That is the famous Ad networks. we learn more about search engine marketing later.

SMM(Social media marketing )

Social Media Marketing is the process of marketing at which we promote our business on social media to spend some amount of money. This type of marketing process is called social media marketing.

There are some networks on social media marketing to promote our business which will be given below

  1. Facebook Marketing
  2. youtube marketing
  3. Instagram marketing
  4. Twitter Marketing
  5. Linkedin Marketing

In this time Facebook marketing and youtube marketing is a very famous place to advertise our business.

Youtube is both a social media and video search engine. so don’t confuse to take it. Therefore we always try to understand youtube as a search engine and social media both.

In this time youtube is a very useful place to learn everything and also it is a part of entertainment and earn money. we discussed it as later.

Importance of digital marketing in future

In this time digital marketing is just entered in India. Therefore all the businessman want to promote his business online. So We clearly say that the requirement of digital marketing analyst is increased day to day.

For example, Amazone, flipchart, snapdil or other product selling company are changing the marketing strategies about some of the few years.

To underStand These types of strategies course of digital marketing is very helpful to understand yourself.

If you want to learn digital marketing then this place is the right place for you. We help you to teach a complete digital marketing course. If you have any doubt in this course then comment us, we always try to give an answer to your question.

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