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How to make an protected excel sheet

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If you want to create the custom edit excel sheet then you should follow the below simple steps.

First select the cell that you have to edit by your user or another people that have use this excel sheet.

and then right click on the particular cell and go to the Format Cell it similar look like below image.

Then go to the protection and unchecked the locked and press ok.


Now you can edit the cell even in worksheet protection  mode.

Then you need to protect the sheet, First go to review on the top menu in excel and select the protect sheet.and then select the checkbox that you need,¬† I need all that’s why I have checked all the Checkbox.then type the password for protection,then press the ok button ,by pressing ok button you it show “Reenter password proceed” so there reenter the password and then ok button your sheet has been protected and only selected cell can edit and another cell was locked.








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