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How To Reuse Trial Version application on Windows PCS

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To Day so many company are using trial version marketing, if we are want to check the application then first we have to use trial version application for 3 day ,5 day after 3 or 5 day the application automatic stop on your pc,

So if you are reinstall the same application trial version then it give the same error,

So If you want to reuse the application trial version follow the steps,

First uninstall the trial version application that you have to reuse,

Then restart the pc, After start the pc login through Administrator,

Then press Windows and R button at same time,

And then write “Regedit” and press enter,

Then it open Registy Editor,

Then go to below,


Then select the program that you have to reuse and delete it ,

then now again restart the pc and now reinstall the application and it will start the new period of trial version,


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