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How to share any folder on a private network

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Whenever you are using private network and you do not have access to transfer file from pen drive then it is difficult to share file from one pc to anther pc,


To overcome this many of people using External storage and it is very costly ,

So the simple way to share the file you have to share the printer through local pc and then all user on network can show your data and able to copy from on pc to another destination,

Make sure that you know your pc name, if you don’t know your pc name then right click on computer and then go to property and then you see the PC name as Computer Name

To share one folder on a local pc you have to right to particular folder and then go to the property.

Then select the Sharing option and select the Advance Sharing  and tick mark on Share this folder and then press on OK button ,


Now your folder is Shared,

Now you can see the shared folder on another network pc by typing pc name on Run tab,

If you see the share folder on another network devices just go to tun by pressing Windows and R key and then enter “\\”this and type pc name that folder actually belong.if your pc name is Dell then type”\\Dell” and press Enter,

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