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How to keep safe your contacts in Android Mobiles

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So many people are using Android devices but many uses are not aware about some feature of Android device,

here we are provide you some basic feature of android device ,

We all are using telephone directory and we all are store important contact on it, so whenever our mobile got lost or damage through some issue so all contact are gone ,so overcome this issue Android have feature for your contact backup.

Android have two feture for backup your contact ,

1.If you are using internet then link your Android contact to google accont it store your contact and provide you whenever you want.

2.If you are not using internet then just backup your contact on one single file and then store on cloud or store on computer or store on your pendrive etc.

  • For Backup your contact just go to contacts on your android device and then Got o below,More–>Setting–>Import/Export Contacts.
  • After click on Import/Export Contacts then click on Import and select the option that your contact has been stored and you see the below image.

  • For save .vcf file of your contacts just select the device as per snap three and you see the all contact are imported on your device and it create a new .vcf file it take some time it depend on you r contact.after save all contact just open your file explorer and check the contact.vcf file created ,so just backup it and store it on another devices.
  • So whenever you lost your phone or change your android device just copy on your Android device then click on it it export your contact automatically.
  • If you want to save all contact to google then select the google accoout ,if you want to save samsung account then select the samsug accout.


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