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Latest Windows 10 Update Consist of 7 New Interesting Features

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Microsoft’s race to $1 trillion, Its competing with Amazon, Google and Apple.

Here is some new interesting new features from the latest version of windows 10. Which will definitely solves your most of problems and helps you to do your task very conveniently and keep track of your work progress.

1. Timeline

Timeline will help you to keep track of your photos and files as well as other documents also.

The new timeline feature is essentially a way for people to better locate your specific files, photos or folders on their PC.

Peoples can use the service to scroll through a list of their past activities going back to a day or  even weeks. Customer will see their activities grouped in hour long chunks each day, so they can more easily find the emails or files they may have sent during those time periods.

If you would prefer not to have your recent activity show up on the Timeline, go to Setting > Privacy > Activity Histry and turn the toggles witch off for your account under Show certificate form account


2.Focus Assist

The focus Assist feature is basically an easier way for people to turn off App notifications during specific time during work day.

“Much of this time is spent on social media, where the consultant stream of distractions across our myriad of device makes it hard to focus,” Microsoft said in a corporate blog post on the feature. “With this update, we are introducing Focus Assist to help you stay in the zone.”

You can set up Focus assist by going to Settings > System > Focus assist.


3.Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR

Some Nifty virtual reality Updates introduced in windows 10 would include the availability of  its “Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR” feature to more people outside of what’s known as “early access”, intended for people who want to try out the software before it’s ready for the mainstream.

The Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR makes it easier for people to play and access virtual reality games from the Steam video games.

4.Do more work by talking

The new dictaion service helps people compose digital content by speaking, with the help of their computer’s built-in microphone.

5.Password recovery for local accounts

In the past, if you choose to sign in to your PC not with a Microsoft account but a local administrator account, you had better not forget your password because local meant you were on your own; Microsoft offered password recovery help only for Microsoft accounts. With the April 2018 Update, you can set three security questions for a local account, which you can answer if you can’t remember your password.

Head to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and click Update your security questions to set up your security questions.


6.Focus assist

Windows 10’s oddly named do-not-disturb mode gets an even odder name. What was once called Quiet hours is now called Focus assist, and it gets more than a name change with Windows 10 April 2018 Update. With Quiet hours, the feature was either on or off. With Focus assist, you get three options: Off, Priority onlyand Alarms only. Priority only will disable notifications except for those apps and people you add to your priority list. Alarms only will disable notifications except for, you guessed it, alarms.

You can also set automatic rules to enable Focus assist during set hours, when you are gaming or duplicating your display (so that your on-point PowerPoint presentation isn’t interrupted).

You can set up Focus assist by going to Settings > System > Focus assist.

7.Nearby sharing

Apple has AirDrop, and now Microsoft has Nearby sharing. With it, you can share files and links with nearby PCs, although those nearby PCs will need to be also running Windows 10 April 2018 Update and have Bluetooth and Nearby sharing turned on. You can toggle Nearby sharing on from the Action Center, where you’ll see a new button labeled Nearby sharing. With the feature enabled, you’ll see a new area in the share menu in File Explorer, Edge, Photos and other Microsoft apps.

Head to Settings > System > Shared experiences to set your sharing tolerance level, either Everyone nearby or My devices only.


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