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How to make website SEO Optimization Audit report

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Steps to make SEO optimization Audit report

The very first step in working with SEO client is creating an SEO audit report. An SEO audit helps you measure the present state of the client’s web site. So that make a road map or enhancements. you’ll see wherever the client is succeeding, failing, and making mistakes. Within the process, you get the knowledgeyou wishto form a client-facing document that describes issues and what you’ll do to mend them.

You can use these tools like Screaming FrogAlexa, Ahrefsm
SeoSiteCheckup, and SEMRUSH.

As you create a report for your client, add the subsequent factors and descriptions to your SEO audit reort.

Some of example action can be use to understand report.

1. Matching Title Tags


When more than one page on a web site has a similar title tag. It makes it tough for search engines to properly categorise and rank every page. You would like every page to possess its own distinctive title to extend the chance it’ll seem in search engine results.
Client Action Plan: Using list you can make an action plan to overcome.

2. Missing Title Tags

  • Description: Every page on a web siteshould have its own distinctive title tag. The title tag tells search engines what the page is about, that helps it rank higher.

Client Action Plan: List the URLs with duplicate title tags that require to be rewritten.

3. Long Title tags

Description: search engine results will solely show up to sixty five characters in a title tag. Title tags for every page shouldn’t be than that.
Client Action Plan: List the URLs with title tags that are too long and want to be rewritten.

4. Multiple Title tags

Description: As a result of search engines use title tags to categorise and perceive pages, each page wants its own distinctive title tag. Pages on a website shouldn’t use a similar title tag. As it will confuse search crawlers and negatively impact SEO.

Client Action Plan:

List the URLs that have multiple title tags that require to be deleted.

5. Reachability

Description: The deepest level of your content ought to be no over 3 clicks from the homepage. Sites with correct design are a lot of visible in search as engine crawlers can find additional pages as they move through the location.
• Client Action Plan: Provide information on the quantity of pages that square measure too deep within the website design.

6. Redirects

Description : Redirects are very much beneficial for our website. Redirects will take user from one URL to another URLs so that user will spend more time on site.

Don’t use too many redirects to your site. It will make difficulties for search engines to crawl the site.

Clients Action Plan:

Make a list of URL’s that must be edited and redirected

7. Duplicate Contents

Description: A website should ne’er publish a similar copy on quite one page. This creates issues for search engine crawlers and results in poor placement in search results.
Client Action Plan:

List pages with duplicate content.

8. Duplicate meta Desscription

Description: A website should ne’er publish a similar copy on quite one page. If a similar copy is revealed on more than one page, it’s duplicate content. This creates issues for search engine crawlers and results in poor placement in search results.
Client Action Plan: List pages with duplicate content. Resolve the issues by either editing the content or using a rel=“canonical” markup.

9. Too many links

Description: It’s smart to have links on a webpage. You can have too several links. You must keep the quantity of pages with quite a hundred links to a minimum and avoid pages with quite one.
Client Action Plan: List the URLs of pages with more than 100 links.

10. Broken Links

  •  Description: when there are links on a website that point to a nonexistent URL, they’re broken. Broken links negatively impact SEO, as they send search engine crawlers to wrong pages and waste their resources.
  •  Client Action Plan: List the pages with broken URLS that require to be fixed.

11. Page Not Found

  • Description: A website should have a “page not found” error page setup. This page displays if a user clicks on an internal link that’s broken. This “404” page tells users the link is broken. While not making a negative user expertise, and it tells search engine crawlers the page is an error.
  • Client Action Plan: Tell the client if you need to make a “404” page for his or her web site.

12. Long URLs


The URLs to be optimized should be no more than 128 characters. At this length, the full URL can show in search engine results. Plus, these links are better for sharing on social media platforms.

Client Action Plan: List the URLs that ar too long and should be revised.

13. Robots.txt

  • Description: Robot.txt is file on webserver tha protect your site from accessing part of an site which you don’t want to show publicly like admin panel link.
  • Client Action Plan : Configure properly the file robot.txt file.

14. Image Descriptions

  • Description : Images play a vital role to optimize website pages for SEO because it adds text to graphics. Without the descriptions, images can’t be crawled by search engines. Adding text to images helps improve a page’s SEO Authority.
  • Client Action Plan : List Out all the pages with images that don’t have the image description. Add text to all images.

15. Server Error

  • Description : When a website cannot send requested pages, It may have server error. These type of error can make negative impact on SEO, as they prevent search engine crawlers from finding the pages on a site.
  • Client Action Plan : Advise the client if there are server errors that need to be addressed.

16. Metadata

  • Description : HTML tags can be used to find the information about the software used to create website. This information can be used by someone to attack or compromise a website. It important to remove these tags in order to protect website from malicious users.
  • Client Action Plan : In your SEO audit report, list the pages on the site with metadata that may expose the site to hackers.

17. Links from Top Sites

  • Description : If a popular website link to third-party website, it improves the SEO Authority of the website. The more high-ranking websites link to a website, the better it will perform in a search.
  • Client Action Plan : Indicate how many sites are currently linking to the client’s site. Plan for how to improve that number and get additional sites to link back to the client site.

18. Dead End Pages

  • Description : If you have a page or post with no external or internal links then this is called your Dead End Pages. It is the dead end for the users because they have no way to navigate to another page.Each page should have link to another page, as this keeps user on site for long time.
  • Client Action Plan : List all the pages with no links which must have added a links added to them.

19. Insecure Forms

  • Description : Websites that request secure data from users should use a secure connection (“https”). while not this secure connection, others may intercept the users’ data, like emails and passwords.
  • Client Action Plan: Advise the client if they have an SSL certificate. If they don’t, outline a plan to add one.

20. Social Sharing

  • Description : Tags must added to your website to help users share pages and post through social media. If your page have more sharing and clicks on social media then it will perform better in search. It is better to have tools that make sharing from website easy.
  • Client Action Plan : Find out the pages which are missing tags and if you need to install tags tool.

21. Web Analytics

  • Description : If you want to Continually assessing, analyzing, and improving a website needs analytics. A web site should include code that collects analytic info on each page of the web site. without this code, it’s tough to check web site traffic statistics, verify how a website is playing, and build plans to enhance the website.
  • Client Action Plan : Analytics are being tracked , that pages are missing codes, and if you wish to install an analytics code.

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