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Most free Software for personal use that reduce your cost of software

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Most free Software for personal use that reduce your cost of software

1. Apache Openoffice
It can be use in place of MS Office or It will replaces MS Ofiice
Appache Open Office provides all the feature like word, excel spreedshet, presentation graphics, a formula editors and database management applications, all are from the same feature from MS Office
2. Firefox
It will replace Internet explorer
A popular alternative to chrome, more than 30%of web users use firefox as their browser. Firefox stops annoying  popups and has tons of amazing plugins that can make surfing the web more personalizes and eficient.
4. Thunderbird
It will replace Microsoft Outlook or Eudora which is costally applications and highmemory consuming applications
Thinderbird is an email client which can be used in plcae of MS Outlook that has five big things going for it: It’s free, It’s full featured, It’s lightweight and runs quick, It has an unparalleled spam filter, and it protects you from those ridiculous phising attacks by clearly indicating which email send you to bogus website.
5. Mozilla lightning calendar
It will replace Microsoft calendar
Thunderbird lightning calander enables you to organize you schedule and important events in a calender that’s fully integrated with your email. You can manage and share multiple calendars, crate recurring events, add to-do list, invite friends to events, and subscribe to public calendars, including holidays.
6. PDF Creator
It can be replace Adobe acrobat
PDFCreator creates a virtual printer on your computer that, if you print a document to it from any program creates a PDF readable on any computer with Acrobat Reader installed. It supports many Adobe PDF options including password protection and 128-bit encryption. All you need to do is print and it creates a PDF!

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