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Most useful Networking Commands used in RIP routing protocol

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RIP (Routing Information Protocol) is one of the oldest distance vector routing protocols. It is usually used in small networks. RIP is simple to configure and maintain but lacks some advanced features of routing protocols like OSPF or EIGRP.




Router(Config)#router rip Enable RIP routing protocol.
Router(Config-router)#network b.c.d.e Add b.c.d.e network in RIP routing advertisement
Router(Config-router)#no network b.c.d.e Remove b.c.d.e network from RIP routing advertisement
Router(Config-router)#version 1 Enable RIP routing protocol version 1 (default)
Router(Config-router)#version 2 Enable RIP routing protocol version 2
Router(Config-router)#no auto-summary To turn off RIPv2 automatically summmarised network in their default classful boundary
Router(Config-router)#passive-interfaces0/0/0 RIP will not broadcast routing update from this interface
Router(Config-router)#no ip split horizon Disable split horizon (Enable by default)
Router(Config-router)#ip split-horizone Enable split horizon
Router(Config-router)#timers basic 30 90 180 270 360 Allow us to set RIP timer in seconds. 30 (routing update), 90(invalif timer), 180 (Hold Timer), 270(flush timer), 360(sleep timer)
Router(config)#no router rip Disable RIP routing protocol
Router#debug ip rip Used for troubleshooting, Alows us to view all RIP related activity in real time.
Router#show ip rip database Display RIP database including routes

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