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New Note Feature of Google

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Google has recently launch a new feature Googe Keep,

Keep is an application that use like portable note ,

Whenever we are surfing internet and if any we are like to save  article or any line then it is very wrost frist copy and paste in to local pc and then transfer to our device or mail, and it is not portable,

Google has overcome this issue and launch the Google Keep application , In this  you have to save data anyware while you are reading book or reading news , watching a blogs if you have find anything instresting and you have to save single line or big article  for your personal use or official use this application helps to save data and see the save data anyware,

Some Inteseting feature is It support voice we are save voice data , it have sharing facility we can share the particular note to our friends by mail id ,Drawing facility ,raminder facility in google calander,save picture and so many another feature of it

And this application is portable you can use anyware and anytime just you need internet connection,

Follow the below process to use Google Keep anyware,

Just open Google site on Google Chrom browser and sing in with Google account,

And do the same as below Image and open google keep,

Then click on Google Keep and open image as below,

In image i have already create the one note manually ,

It have one more feature for Google chrom user if you have use Google chrom then you have to add Google Keep toolbar and then easy to save your data ,

Click on Below link for the add toolbar in Google Chrom
Click here to add link on your Google chrom browser

If you want to save Whatsapp message for personal use or save any data from your Mobile device the Google also have Google Keep application for Android device,

Click the below link for download the Android Application
Click here to download Google Keep for Android Device







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