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Process to Install Netbeans 6.5.1 IDE with all Its requirements

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In today’s education system, Learning of basic java programming language is started with java. For these students the major problem they face with Netbeans IDE is, they are confused with the installation process of software. specially in the case of Netbeans IDE requirement, the java version it requires, and also process of variable creation in windows system for JVM.

There are three most important process which is required to install Netbeans 6.5.1 IDE.

  1. Install Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

    Install Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 5 Update 16 (version 1.5.0_16) or newer (including JDK 6 Update 11) this java version is most required version of java to run neatbeans IDE 6.5.1, you cannot proceed with the installation. You can download the latest JDK version at

    For PHP, Ruby, and C++ download options, you can install JRE instead of JDK. However, if you are planning to use any Java features, you will need JDK.


  2. Set the Environment variable path :-

    1. Goto My computer , Right click on it and select Propertiesnetbeansvar1
    2. Click on Advance System Settings, It will open a setting windows as per shown below.netbeansvarset2
    3. Now click on Advanced Tab and Click Environment Variablesnetbeansvariableset3
    4. By clicking environment variable it will open an windows as per shown below, Now click on NEW tab.netbeansvariset7
    5. Now set the variable name “path” and variable value which is the path of bin files of java installation. In my case the path is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.5.0_16\bin”netbeansvariset8
    6. Now click ok Button. and also click the ok Button to close the window. Now your java settings are done.
    7. Let test if Java is properly installed.
      pres window+r key together and you will see the window as per shown below.check-java-installation
    8. Type in cmd to open a command console window.
      Select the OK button.check-java-installation-cmd
    9. In the command console window, type in java -version and press the Enter key to show the version of Java that is installed on your computer. It should be build 1.5.0. This completes Java installation.check-java-3

3. Now follow the below process to Install the netbeans setup 6.5.1

  1. start installation by proceeding with its default installation path as per given belownetbeans-install1
  2. click next with its default setting i recommend, but you can set your own setting as per your requirement. netbeansinstall2
  3. Click Next with its default installation address.netbeansinstall3

Now complete installation of netbeans IDE 6.5.1 has been done here.

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