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Short description about WSUS Patch Management and It’s benefits

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Introduction WSUS Patch Management

Security risk are everywhere, particularly if you use certain browsers or third-party programs, such as Adobe Flash and Java. To help encounter the problem, the makers of those applications will offer patches. You need to know they are available, and download/apply them quickly. Most people think patch management is easy, especially for server updates because WSUS is a program developed by Microsoft to manage hot-fixes and updates.

Computers in a computer group automatically contact the WSUS server over the next 24 hours to obtain updates. You can use the WSUS reporting feature to determine whether those updates were deployed to the test computers. When the tests are successfully completed, you can approve the updates for the applicable computer groups in your organization. The following checklist describes the steps to approve and deploy updates by using WSUS management console.

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) enables information technology administrators to deploy the latest Microsoft product updates. WSUS is a Windows Server server role that can be installed to manage and distribute updates. A WSUS server can be the update source for other WSUS servers within the organization. The WSUS server that acts as an update source is called an upstream server.

The core scenarios where WSUS adds value to your business are:

  • Centralized update management
  • Update management automation


Windows Server Update Services is a built-in server role that includes the following enhancements:

  • Can be added and removed by using the Server Manager
  • Includes Windows PowerShell cmdlets to manage the most important administrative tasks in WSUS
  • Adds SHA256 hash capability for additional security
  • Provides client and server separation: versions of the Windows Update Agent (WUA) can ship independently of WSUS

Benefits of WSUS

Microsoft WSUS (Windows Software Update Services) is an excellent, free tool for desktop administrators, where one server downloads the updates you require, and the client PCs talk only to that server to grab what they need.

You can manage the update on WSUS server and decide to approve them or not.

It also allows you to decide what updates should be released and when (as in what time) they are sent out to be used. You can use it to control when the service packs, updates, and several other packages are released and (using Group Policy Objects) when and in what manner the updates will be installed.

As a side benefit you can also see computers that are not updated as well.


Best Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Tools

  1. SolarWinds Diagnostic Tool For The WSUS Agent (FREE DOWNLOAD)
  2. SolarWinds Patch Manager (FREE TRIAL)
  3. Microsoft WSUS Client Diagnostic Tool
  4. Microsoft WSUS Reporting Rollup Sample Tool
  5. ADFDesign’s WSUS Tool
  6. WSUS Offline Tool
  7. BatchPatch

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