Process to create a valued SEO plan and its techniques

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In my Previous Article we have gone through the introduction to of Search Engine Optimizations (SEO).

Now we are moving towards Importance of SEO and Its Techniques.

Once you have good grasp of search engine optimization (SEO) then you are ready to optimize your website independently. Now If you wana do search engine optimization of your website then follow the steps of process to create a valued seo plan in which you have to create, prioritize, and adjust plan which is best suits for your targeted goals.

With the example i will help you to learn the seo.

Now, Let us assume that you want to reach new customers for your new designer wear shop  and online selling service.

Your First step should be Keyword research

Which means find out what your potential customers are searching for. what kind of keywords they used to search like “designer wear shop near me”.

Are they looking for “designer cloth shop” If so then this this the keyword for your SEO.

If you want to learn more about keyword research then you should you Google Keyword Research tools , or some other research tools available in the online market.

Here are some of best keyword research tools listed below. There are some more keyword research tools are available , you can choose as per your choice and requirements.

  1. Google Trends
  2. Keyword Shitter
  3. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
  4. Google Correlate
  5. Keywords Everywhere
  6. Wordtracker Scout
  7. Google Search Console
  8. Suggestion Keyword Finder
  9. Google

Next Consider Related topics.

Use the specific and popular topics, this will make your keywords more specific and better match to what your customers are looking for.

Once you have identified the perfect keywords, take a look at how you’re doing in search results for those words.

How many of these keywords are bringing up your website on search engines.

For Example If Designer cloth is not pointing customers to your site you can address those missing pieces in your SEO plan.

Once you have found the exact problem with keywords then your next step is to think about the way to fix them.May be none of content of your site is proper for every season to point your website.

if no one linking your site you can invite bloggers to checkout your store in the hope that they’ll mention you in a future blog post.

Just make a list of things whatever you can do to rank your website.

Now, Give yourself deadline for each an every task so you’re working through your SEO plan steadily throughout the year.

OK, once you’ve set this plan in motion, don’t just forget about it.

Your plan needs to change every time whenever you change in your business  like introducing a new trend of cloths.

Also remember that search engines release new features and improve their algorithms to track need of peoples. For example, many have made adjustments because so many people now search on mobiles.

Finally, adjust your plan when something isn’t working on your website or search result get reduced. Is there a web page that’s not getting much organic traffic? It may need a refresher.

Review your seo result regularly and focus to the areas that needs help.

Improve your weak spots, and prioritize them, and never be afraid to redo your seo plan based on happening in your world, the world of search engines.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Improve your digital presense


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