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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for beginners

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introduction to search engine optimization(SEO) a guide for absolute beginners

Here We will have introduction to SEO and Its Benefits for SEO Agencies and Individuals and Blog.

In this you will learn about, How Search Engines Understands a website, and what they values most.

When Search Engines understand your content, It will be shown to many right potential customers very efficiently and effectively.

People used to search online Like Near By cafe, Near by Railway Station, Near By Bus Stand, Online Bus Ticket booking, and  many more. That means there are lots of opportunity for business to appear in front of potential customers.

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Lets take an Example to understand why your business require online or digital world to expand.

Lets assume your have a shop of Party Wear cloths. Now want to expand your cloths by selling your products Online.

SEO is a Tool which helps Search Engines understand better what you are offering to your customers. Which means when some one searcher with words related to your business, then you are most likely to appear in their results. Like say some one searches for “Party wear clothes”  Then you will appear their results.

When a search engine returns results some of them are paid advertisements. The rest are unpaid results that the search engines believe are relevant to the phrase entered into the search box. All are referred to as “organic results.”

All the search Engines like Google, bing, Ask and Baidu etc. are having formulas or Algorithms That Helps them Order the list of result.


But how does this work?

To present the best possible results for your queries, the Search engines look for as much information as possible about websites.

They Might looks for the contents and how popular sites are and what peoples and sites are saying about them.

They might looks for keywords used in codes or words on the web pages so that they can find best for the searched queries.

Each of these components will help search engines to find the best match for your search results. Now all the search engines considering the geographic location of searchers. So that it can present the best results as per your requirements. For Example A searcher search from USA then search engine will show up localized set of search results from USA. Chances are, the same search originating from France will show different results.
And, with the explosion of mobile usage, search engines now consider the devices people use when they perform a search.

But just like a Game changer.  If you been in business for years gets and better, search formulas evolve and add more and more Information along the way.

Process to create a valued SEO plan and its techniques


If you want to make your website more visible and attractive to search engines then you need to work on it.

Try to make sense of your content as well as code.

Remember, SEO is the key process to win the digital world.


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