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Myths about Earning through Youtube channel (view, likes, subscribe)

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If you are searching to earn money apart from your current Job then Youtube is a good source and platform which allows you to find a way to earn money as a part-time work.

Youtube is free video uploading platform, it requires only a Gmail account.

In Youtube anyone can upload a video. If you have a Gmail id then you can upload a video on youtube. But It should be your own creative video. Because If you are not able to create your own creative video then youtube will not publish any ADDS on your video.

For example, If you are taking a video from some others content, suppose you are taking some supper scene from a particular movie, and you are uploading that video on your Youtube channel, That is not a legal thing. Because you should maintain a copyrighted video, so You should be with your own copyright videos. Then only youtube will place adds on your video.

And then you can get Payment from that video.

So youtube will collect adds from add Publishers.

Add Publisher means anyone can do that, like Reebok, Horlicks, Vivo etc.

Youtube will collect money from those add publishers and finally it will pay for that particular adds to you.


And Now What questions most I am getting is, How Youtube is paying to others?????

For Example, Whether they are paying for likes, shares or subscribers, so according to that views you are getting your payments. But that is a fake news. So Youtube is not paying likes, shares, and subscribers. They are paying only for the ADDS  in Youtube terms and condition.

Youtube is paying 55% of that add revenue for us, So we can get 55% of that add revenue and Youtube will take 45% of that add revenue. You can check this condition in Youtube Terms & Condition.

So according to that only we can get payments.

For Example, suppose an Add publisher like Reebok is paying 100$ to youtube then from this money Youtube will keep 45%  means 45 $ and distribute to you guys 55% money means 55 $.

So, On this basis, you are getting payments from youtube!!!

What is youtube???

  • YouTube is A video sharing web-site where users can Upload, View and Share video clips.
  • If You’re an Unregistered user Then you can watch most videos on the site by visiting,registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos, each with a maximum length of 10 minutes


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