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Javascript vs JQuery :You need to know!

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jQuery and Javascript are powerful in aspect of web development .They makes web pages dynamic and interactive. They give life to the web pages.

You may wonder that if these two are used for same purpose , why these seperate concepts? In this article , we will highlight major reasons as to why to use one over other.


Javascript is the most powerful scripting language which adds interactivity to webpages thereby making it dynamic.  It is one of the three core technologies along HTML and CSS used for creating web pages. HTML/CSS improves looks and styling of the website, javascript adds makes web pages interactive. With javascript we can add some code for mouse-click,mouse over and other events  on web page and more.

Javascript is client-side language. All web browsers support javascript .The web browsers have a built-in JavaScript engine to identify JavaScript code and work with it. 

Lets move on to our javascript vs jquery and understand library developed from javascript.


Over the years, javascript has been a powerful language for web development. There are many libraries built on the top of javascript. These libraries enhance the capability of javascript to do lots of things thereby making job of developer easy.

jQuery is one such library of JavaScript which is built from it. It is the most popular JavaScript library invented by John Resign. It was released on January 2006 at BarCamp NYC. jQuery is free, an open-source library, licensed under the MIT License. This has a powerful feature of cross-browser compatibility. It can easily handle cross-browser issues that we can face with JavaScript.

JavaScript is the basic language from which jQuery has evolved. Firstly, jQuery makes event handling, DOM manipulation, Ajax calls much easier than JavaScript. Secondly, jQuery also allows us to add animated effects on our web page which takes a lot of pain and lines of code with JavaScript.

jQuery has in-built plugins to perform an operation on a web page. We just have to include or import the plugin in our webpage to use it. 

Now,let’s understand difference between Javascript and JQuery.

Features Javascript JQuery
Existence JavaScript is an independent language and can exist on its own. jQuery is a JavaScript library. It would not have been invented had JavaScript was not there.
Lines of code JavaScript uses more lines of code as we have to write our own code jQuery uses fewer lines of code than JavaScript for the same functionality as the code is already written in its library.
Usage JavaScript code is written inside the script tag in a HTML page <script> </script> We need to import the jQuery from CDN or from a location where the jQuery library is downloaded in order to use it. jQuery code is also written inside the script tag on the HTML page.
Animations We can make animations in JavaScript with many lines of code.  In jQuery, we can add animation effects easily with fewer lines of code.
User-friendliness Pure JavaScript can be faster for DOM selection/manipulation than jQuery as JavaScript is directly processed by the browser. jQuery has to be converted into JavaScript to make it run in a browser.
Cross-browser compatibility In JavaScript, we may have to deal with cross-browser compatibility by writing extra code  jQuery is cross-browser compatible. We don’t need to worry about writing extra code.
Performance Pure JavaScript can be faster for DOM selection/manipulation than jQuery jQuery has to be converted into JavaScript to make it run in a browser
Event handling, Interactivity, and Ajax calls All these can be done in JavaScript but we may have to write many lines of code. All these can be done easily with jQuery with fewer lines of code. It is easier in jQuery to add interactivity, animations and also make ajax calls as the functions are already pre-defined in the library.
Size and Weight Being a language, it is heavier than jQuery Being a library, it is lightweight. It has a minified version of its code which makes it light-weight.
Reusability and Maintainability Javascript is difficult to reuse and maintain. With fewer lines of code, jQuery is more maintainable as we just have to call the predefined functions in the jQuery library in our code. This also makes us to easily reuse jQuery functions at different places in the code.


JavaScript is a language for web development, jQuery is a library which has originated from JavaScript. JavaScript and jQuery have their own importance in web development.

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